Couple celebrate their first wedding day with car business nL

A couple who had to stop their wedding car in the UK to avoid a traffic jam has welcomed the opportunity to launch a new business from their home.

Claire and Peter Hurd opened their car dealership, Car Care, in Manchester with an eye to offering high-quality automotive services in the area.

“It’s something I’m really excited about,” Claire said.

“I was always really drawn to car work and we have always wanted to make a change in our lives.”

We’re all working so hard in our careers and there’s not really a lot of opportunities for us.

We’re going to make it work.

“We think we can make it even more relaxing and give people the freedom to be out and about. “

We’re going for a relaxed atmosphere, but it’s not the same as a traditional car service,” she said.

They started by looking for a local car dealership to work from, and found one with a large parking lot, which was ideal for the shop. “

In the past we’ve had a few customers complaining about how much they’d like to go home and have a coffee, but we’re going all out.”

They started by looking for a local car dealership to work from, and found one with a large parking lot, which was ideal for the shop.

“When we got to Manchester, we found a great car dealership and we got them to let us have a look around and decide which one was the best for us,” Ms Hust said.

The couple then chose a local restaurant, The Car Clinic, which had a range of delicious dishes from local chefs.

“As soon as we went in the car we just loved the atmosphere and the quality of the food,” Ms Humphries said.

After visiting the restaurant, the couple took a look at the area, which they hoped to eventually set up their car business.

“There was a lot to consider but we felt it was something we needed to do, so we decided to go for it,” Ms Hurts said.

Car Care will focus on providing high-end automotive services to people who want to have fun and enjoy driving, but also provide people with a great experience.

Ms Humphrys said they hoped that by introducing a new, relaxing way to do business, the local business community would benefit.

“Our main aim is to bring in people who might not be able to afford car work,” she explained.

“The car will be available to all in the community to use and the car will allow for people to have their own space to do what they want to do.”

Car Care has also set up a website to share information and ideas about the business.

Ms Hirst said they had a lot more to look forward to, including getting started with a range the business offers, such as car repairs and a range from local food companies.

“For the people who are already in the business, we want to help them to expand their horizons, and also make them happy,” she added.

“Hopefully it will bring in more customers and also encourage people to get into the business.”

For more information, contact Car Care on 0207 918 9600.