‘The Man of the Year: A Man of His Time’

Business career college students in India have named a new Man of The Year in the category of ‘The Business Man’.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had announced the winner on Thursday, a day after the award ceremony for the prestigious ‘Businessman of the year’ category.

“It’s the year of the Business Man.

It’s time to make a big announcement for the year,” BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told reporters here.

In the category, which is being organised by the Bharatiye Sanstha (BSP), Mr Swamy said the winner will be selected by an online poll conducted by the party.

The Man Of The Year award will be given at a ceremony in New Delhi on May 27.

The award ceremony will be televised live on national television.

The Bharatiyas Social Welfare Committee, a leading organisation of students in the business sector, is also organising the award event.

In a statement, BSP President Amit Shah said: “It is a great honour to receive the Man of Year award from students in this year’s Bharati yas.

They are the people who have contributed to the growth of the nation and are now shaping the future.”BJP has been seeking the Man Of the Year award for a while now.

The party had earlier announced the first nominee of the award.

Earlier, Mr Swam said, “In the last one and a half years, we have been working on the task of ‘Business Man of India’.

This year we will nominate a person who will be a great role model for students.

The award is for those who have been instrumental in making this happen.”

The BSP has been pushing for the recognition of young entrepreneurs.

“I will give a big signal that we will take a proactive approach and work on the agenda of development of the young entrepreneurs of India,” he had said in May.