China’s Chinese internet firms hit with US anti-corruption charges

Business Insider title China Internet firms hit by US anti, anti-trust charges article The US is facing new accusations of anti-competitive behavior and anti-corporate conduct in China, the Chinese government announced Thursday.

The Commerce Department’s complaint alleges that Chinese Internet giants have violated antitrust laws by engaging in anticompetitive practices and engaging in unfair business practices in violation of antitrust laws.

The Department of Justice also filed a complaint against Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, accusing them of anticompetition violations.

The new accusations come in the wake of the announcement of a US government probe into Chinese internet companies for alleged anticompatibility with the US.

The Justice Department has also launched an investigation into Google for alleged unfair business conduct.

The complaint from the Department of Commerce alleges that China’s internet companies have engaged in anticorruption practices and anticompatible business practices. 

The US government’s investigation into the internet giants began in 2015, when the Department found evidence that China was engaging in “unlawful anticompete practices” in a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The complaint also alleged that China is a leader in anticommunization activities.

“The anticompatibilities allegedly imposed by Chinese internet providers are not just a matter of fairness.

They are a matter the FTC should be actively investigating,” US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement.

“The FTC should take a proactive role in conducting this investigation.”

A Chinese court has ruled in favor of a Chinese company that is suing the US government over anti-Chinese discrimination.

The Chinese company filed the lawsuit in China in December 2017, claiming that the United States had “excessive and unfair anti-China discrimination.”

The US also accused China of “banking corruption” and “improper state subsidies” in its complaint.

In response, China issued a warning to US companies and financial institutions to prepare for “a large-scale, coordinated campaign to target US businesses.”