India’s biggest car business expo takes off as ‘biggest car show’ returns

With car sales in India soaring to the highest level in almost a decade, the country’s biggest auto business expos, Car Expo 2017 and the World Car Expo, are hoping to boost the fortunes of its booming car industry. 

While the car industry is India’s largest sector, it is still struggling with the high cost of raw materials, and the high price of imported parts.

In this year’s edition, the world’s largest car expo aims to make India the first major auto market in the world to have a car wash business model.

A group of around 1,000 car owners from different parts of the country, including the capital cities of Delhi and Mumbai, gathered at the Car Expo to get their hands dirty with the most popular car parts.

 In the past, car wash facilities have been a niche business in India, but the new business model allows car owners to get in touch with other car owners, and also have a bit of fun in the process.

Car wash employees will wash cars from all the major car brands, from Toyota to Honda, and they will also have the opportunity to wash cars for their customers, said Arvind Raghav, president of Car Expo India.

Car Expo has a huge potential for growth in the country with around 2,000 people coming to India each year, he added.

The car wash is a chance to show off the latest trends in the car and the market, and it will give a boost to the Indian car market, said Ankit Kaul, president and CEO of Car Salon International, a car and auto repair company based in Delhi. 

“It is a great opportunity for us.

We have about 500 employees in our office, and we have done car wash workshops for a few years.

This is a good chance to showcase to the public how car parts are made and sold in India,” said Kaul.

“This is a new market.

There are a lot of people in India who don’t have a chance of making a profit.

There is a need for car wash services.

It will give us a chance and a boost in the industry,” said Raghabh Sharma, managing director of the Delhi-based car wash company, Vapour Car Wash, which is owned by the owner of the CarExpo expo.