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Business sedan carsThe black business car is the first black car you can purchase in GTAV.

It is a high-end sports car with a wide, retractable rear wing.

Unlike other black cars, the black business sedan does not have a rear window.

The black business cars’ unique look is inspired by the Ferrari 308 GTB and Mercedes-Benz 300SL, both of which were released in 1968.

Business cars are available for purchase in the GTA Chinatown and Los Santos Customs.

There is a black business vehicle, a black Mercedes-AMG GT300, and a black Audi A6, among other models.

The black car business sedan is available for $25,000.

Business Sedans are sold for $20,000 and $10,000, respectively.

Business vehicles can be upgraded to business sedans with a new black interior, a new rear spoiler, and upgraded suspension and brakes.

Business cars are one of the two vehicles that can be customized in-game.

They come with the following modifications: The black interior is available to all black cars and can be fitted with a white interior or a gray interior.

The rear spoiler can be tinted or a different color can be added.

The interior can be set to a different look.

The wheels can be a different design, and there is a set of tires for all black and white vehicles.

A black business sedan is available as an in-mission DLC item.