A Trump Car-Washing Company Wants to Take Your Car for a Spin

An Arizona car wash business is offering customers $100 to take a car to its new, high-tech facility.

The company, Car Key, was founded by two retired doctors who wanted to turn their hobby of car cleaning into a career.

Now, the business is in its second year.

They want to be the largest car wash in the world.

Car Key is currently in the process of opening up their new facility in Arizona, but they’re hoping to get the doors open in 2018.

The business has already received thousands of applications for car wash jobs, but it is not accepting applications for cars right now.

Car Keys owner, Jim Pendergast, said the goal is to have a full car wash by 2019.

“The car business is a hard thing to get into,” he said.

“It’s really hard to find a place that has a full staff, a fully trained staff, that can do the job for you.”

For more than a decade, Car Keys was the number one car wash on the West Coast.

The company has an office in New Jersey and a shop in California.

The new Arizona facility will be a part of the Car Key brand.

Jim Penders family owns the company and he said it’s a great opportunity for the employees to have the opportunity to work in a clean environment.

“They will be working with a very talented group of people to make sure that the vehicle is as safe as it possibly can be,” he added.

Jim Pendergarts father, John Penderga, has been a car wash manager for over 20 years.

He said it will be the first time in history for an entire business to be based in Arizona.

He’s also a certified electrician and says it will provide a lot of flexibility for the business.

“I think it’s going to be great for everyone,” he told ABC News.

The Arizona Department of Transportation said in a statement that they are working with Car Key to expand the number of vehicles allowed into the facility.

They added that it’s too soon to speculate on whether it will actually open the doors for the car wash to start.