Why do people buy and sell cars?

Business owners say they have been flocking to malls and shops, restaurants and stores to buy and trade cars, as car rental companies and car rental cars are making major inroads.

Many owners say their purchases are made in the hope of gaining some small cash profit.

The Indian Auto Workers Federation (IAWF) and the Federation of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (FIAM) have issued a joint statement that says the government is planning to introduce a tax on auto rentals from the second half of next year.

“The government is committed to implementing tax on the purchase of vehicles and will do so by the end of the financial year,” the statement said.

The government says it wants to provide incentives to help encourage people to invest in and buy vehicles.

The IAWF has estimated that about $15 billion worth of vehicles will be leased from the end the financial month.

A government statement on Monday said it is “ready to launch a consultation on a new mechanism to incentivise the purchase and sale of vehicles, especially in the automotive sector.”

The government has not said when or how it will introduce the new tax, and there is no timetable for its implementation.

The FIAM has not commented on the announcement, but the association has said it would work to ensure “a comprehensive and harmonised approach” for the industry.