When Apple’s Garden Care business goes to school

Apple announced plans for a business in the business of providing garden care for its employees on Wednesday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was the keynote speaker at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, telling the audience that the company is investing in “a billion-dollar company for our employees.”

Cook also announced that Apple would invest $5 billion into its AppleCare brand in 2019.

AppleCare will be focused on providing Apple employees with personalized and personalized care and caregiving options for their health and wellness needs.

Apple will also begin providing the first-ever AppleCare Plus plan to employees who are enrolled in AppleCare Basic.

In the company website, Apple said it is hiring more than 2,000 new employees in 2018, and that “we will grow our workforce by nearly 10 percent in 2019.”

Cook said that “AppleCare Plus” would be the first major step toward “the world’s most affordable and comprehensive healthcare plan for our customers.”

In a blog post, Apple wrote that its investment will create 100,000 jobs over the next three years, and create more than 20,000 AppleCare and AppleCarePlus memberships.

The company said that the program is “designed to give employees a path to get a business and a career, both in the United States and abroad.”

The company said it will also offer an “Apple Care for Business” program for employees.

Apple’s announcement follows Apple’s recent announcement that it would expand its healthcare offerings to include the healthcare needs of its employees.

The company recently added more than 300 new employees, and it plans to hire more than 1,000 additional people in 2019 to meet the demand for AppleCare.