Israeli company pays 1.5 million to settle Israeli land claim

On Wednesday, Israeli company Gooda Cars and the Jewish Agency, which operates the Caravans, announced they had reached a settlement with the Palestinian Authority for the Israeli property that they claimed as their own.

Gooda Cars, which owns cars, has been seeking to reclaim the land from the Palestinian owners since it was confiscated in 2006 by Israel.

Since then, the company has built two buildings on the property.

The Palestinian Authority has denied the claims.

Last year, Israeli officials ordered Gooda to pay $5 million for the land.

The company, however, has resisted the request, and it continues to insist on the return of the land to the Palestinians.

The new settlement, which was announced by Gooda on Wednesday, will be located in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli authorities have repeatedly said that the land is theirs.

The Palestinians, however have denied the claim.