How to spot a counterfeit medicine

The pharma industry has been scrambling to find ways to stop counterfeit medicine from being sold online, but a new tool could help.

According to Reuters, a new website called Pharmacy Alerts is providing information on the brands of medicines that are being sold on the site, which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The site offers a tool to detect counterfeit medicines, but it’s the ability to quickly identify the brand that could be the most useful.

In order to be found on PharmacyAlerts, counterfeit medicines have to be a “generic” brand and have a “certificate of authenticity,” according to Reuters.

The brand will have to contain the name of the manufacturer, and the name will have the same letters as the name on the label, and must also have the brand name printed on it, which is called a “brand mark.”

Pharmacy Alert, which can be found at, will only provide information about brand names that are on the product, and not the name itself.

According a pharma company spokesperson, is a partnership between a pharmaceutical company, a consumer advocacy group, and a global marketplace.

Pharmacy alert aims to provide information to the public about the brands that are available in the marketplace, which are then checked for authenticity.

The tool will allow consumers to look up a brand of medicine at a specific website that provides the brand’s manufacturer name and a list of approved brands, such as AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CVS, Gilead Sciences, and Pfizer.

The website is currently in beta testing and is available only for users who have a verified website and are willing to pay for it.

The company is hoping to roll out the service to more pharmacies across the country by the end of the year.