How to get the best business car sticker price on the road

Business car decal decals are becoming more common, especially for premium vehicles, but they’re still a big cost to consumers.

A recent report by Kelley Blue Book shows that the sticker price for a 2016 Toyota Prius is $10,895.

That’s almost $1,000 more than the sticker prices for the same vehicle sold on eBay.

The sticker price is for a “premium” model with the option to upgrade to a “minimalist” model at a reduced price.

A $1.6-million luxury sedan will set you back $20,569.

A premium, high-end sedan will cost you about $20-20,000, but the new minimalist sedan will go for just $18,749.

That means that a luxury car costing $20 million would sell for about $50,000 on eBay, while a minimalistic car would sell at auction for $200,000.

The report also shows that buyers have been willing to shell out a lot more money for the decals.

The median price of the decal is $8,999, while the highest price paid was $17,000 for a car with a sticker price of $22,769.

You can buy a high-priced luxury car sticker for $17.4 million, while you’d have to shell up more than $15 million to get a minima model sticker.

The cheapest price for the most expensive model on eBay is $28,400.