When the car company’s employee goes on a date with his boss

This is a bit of a spoiler, so please read at your own risk.

Car consignment is a business where the car is not sold, but the customer pays a fee to have it shipped.

Car dealerships are increasingly becoming car consignment businesses, and they’re starting to see the same issues as other businesses.

A few months ago, a car dealer who had worked at a dealership for more than a decade decided to do some soul searching about his business and decided to try to move into the consignment car business.

The dealership was struggling, and he was trying to find a way to compete with bigger and better businesses.

He found an investor, who gave him $1 million to start his business.

Now, he has a big, beautiful office, a huge fleet of trucks, and tons of space.

He has a lot of new customers who want to buy his trucks, but his salespeople are all stressed out and don’t have much to show for it.

Now the car business is in a tailspin.

He’s had to cut corners, and his trucks are not selling as well as they were before.

He can’t keep up with the demand, and the trucks are all in poor shape.

He also has to find new buyers for the trucks, because his trucks just don’t sell well anymore.

After months of working through the pain, he decided that he’d have to give up the business.

He’d had to make a major investment in the truck business.

It’s hard for him to make any money from the truck, and it’s difficult to sell the truck to customers, so he’s not really sure how he’s going to get his business back on track.

He decides that he’ll take a risk by leaving the truck company and heading into the car industry.

He wants to be able to make some money selling cars, but he also wants to have a good time doing it.

When he decides to sell his truck, he finds that the people who were really nice to him when he started the business are now trying to rip him off, and there’s no way he’s being able to take that risk.

He knows that his customers are really excited about the new truck, but they’re also worried that the new customers are just going to leave.

He tries to convince them that he’s just a car consignor, and that he will be able get back to doing what he was doing.

But he gets nowhere.

People start talking to him, and a lot start talking about how he has to make this huge investment in his truck business to make it viable again.

The car dealers are so frustrated with him, they’re going to start selling him their trucks instead of his trucks.

He thinks that the salespeople and the dealers are just looking to make money, and this is all just a game to them.

It takes him a few months to get the business back to the point where he can make some profit, and then he’s back to square one.

He finally figures out that he can find some new buyers, but now he has less money than he had when he first started.

He goes back to work, but is struggling to make ends meet.

His salespeople, who are always working overtime, are getting tired of working.

He spends more time looking for new buyers than he ever has before.

Eventually, he decides he needs to start making some money to keep his family afloat, so that he doesn’t have to take on more debt.

He buys a truck, which he rents from a dealer who’s willing to let him keep the truck.

When the lease ends, the dealer pays him the $1,000 per month he owed him for the truck for three months.

That makes him about $100,000 a year.

He pays off his loans and buys another truck, paying off all of his student loans, plus about $50,000 of student loans he has still to pay off.

The business continues to work.

He is selling trucks, getting more customers, and getting more money from customers.

But the truck salespeople keep asking him why he’s selling trucks.

They’re just asking him for money, to help out with the trucking business, not for him.

He just shrugs and says, “It’s a business.”

The dealership is slowly starting to recover, and some of the customers are starting to like him, but most of the dealers still want to sell their trucks to customers.

The cars are selling, but nobody seems to be really happy with the new trucks, so there’s not much demand for them.

The new customers aren’t happy either, so they’re moving to the next best thing: the cars.

Cars are selling.

The dealers are still selling trucks and trucks, even though nobody is buying them.

One day, a friend comes into the dealership with a really nice, new car.

The salespeople were really excited when he showed them the