Tesla to offer $50,000 to employees who drop cars

Business Insider article Tesla will pay employees who buy or lease an electric car to drop the vehicle, the company announced on Tuesday.

The company has a new program that pays employees to drop their cars for the first two weeks of a Tesla’s warranty, starting from September 12.

Employees will receive $50 for every day they use their Tesla to drop a car.

Tesla has more than 500,000 cars in its fleet, with the company estimating the cost of the program will be around $30 million a year.

The program, which Tesla announced on Wednesday, is aimed at making the process easier for workers.

“I want to thank Tesla employees for their hard work in helping to build a great company,” said Elon Musk, Tesla CEO.

“Our goal is to make it as easy for everyone as possible to take advantage of this program and become a part of Tesla’s extraordinary global network.”

Tesla is looking to expand the program to other Tesla models as well, but the company is still working out the details of how to do so.