How to use AppleCare for AppleCare Business Support

How to get AppleCare business support for your iPhone or iPad.

For the AppleCare Premium plan, you can get support via AppleCare, and for the Apple Care Business plan, AppleCare support is available on your iPhone.

If you have multiple iPhone models, you may want to combine AppleCare and AppleCare Support for different models.

To get Applecare support for the iPhone, Apple recommends connecting to your iPhone via a wireless network (e.g., a hotspot) to avoid potential network issues.

For more help with connecting to and using a wireless iPhone, see Connecting to Your iPhone on an iPhone.

For example, you might want to connect to your AppleCare account via the iTunes app, the Apple Watch app, or by using a compatible iPhone accessory.

For a list of AppleCare service providers, go to

For additional help with your Apple device, see How to Install and Use AppleCare on Your Apple Device.

How to connect your Apple iPhone to Applecare AppleCare online support is not available via the Apple Pay app.

To receive support via your Apple account, follow these steps: On your iPhone, tap Settings on the Home screen.

Tap General.

Tap AppleCare Accessibility and Security.

Tap Settings.

Tap Connections.

Tap iPhone.

Tap the Connections tab.

Under AppleCare Service, select your Apple ID, then tap Next.

In the Connecting Apple Device dialog box, select the Apple ID that you want to receive support for.

For an example of a valid Apple ID to connect with, see Find Your Apple ID.

For other supported Apple IDs, see AppleCare ID.

Tap Next.

For AppleCare Basic support, tap Next and then Next again.

If prompted, enter your AppleID.

Enter your ApplePay username and password.

When prompted, complete the payment information.

You will receive a confirmation email and a confirmation code.

For instructions on using your Apple Pay account, see Creating and Using Apple Pay.

For information about how to disable the notification when your payment is confirmed, see Settings > Privacy > Notifications.

If your Apple payment is successful, you will be redirected to ApplePay’s AppleCare Connections page.

To request a replacement device, tap Cancel and wait for Apple to prompt you.

To learn how to cancel an AppleCare call, go back to the Apple Support website.

To use the Apple Health app on your Apple Watch, go on your Watch and tap Health.

For assistance, see Learn about Apple Health on your iPad.

To find out how to access your Apple iCloud account and iCloud Drive on your Mac, see Access Your iCloud on Your Mac.

To configure Apple Pay and Apple Pay on your phone, see Configure Apple Pay, Apple Pay with NFC, and ApplePay with Bluetooth.