How to unlock a Kindle on your Amazon Echo speaker

This guide will show you how to unlock the Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Dot Mini using your Android device.

You can use the Echo Dot or Dot Mini to connect to your Amazon Alexa-enabled device and access the Alexa-powered Amazon services and services available on your phone, tablet or PC.

The steps below will guide you through the process of unlocking your Echo Dot, Dot Mini and Echo Echo Echo.

This will enable you to access the voice and text services and to set up the Alexa device and the Amazon services on your Alexa-controlled devices.


Unlocking your Echo Devices 1.1.

How to Unlock Your Echo Devices With the Echo Devices, you can access Amazon’s Alexa-based services and devices.

You’ll also be able to set voice and voice-enabled services and products to receive Amazon’s voice and video.

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What Alexa Devices can I unlock?

Echo Devices are connected to your Alexa device via an Amazon Fire TV remote control, which connects to the Alexa app on your device.

When the Echo device is paired with an Alexa device, you’ll be able access the services and features that your Echo device provides.


Echo Devices (Amazon Fire TV Remote Control) You can unlock your Echo devices using an Amazon Echo device.

Once you’ve purchased an Echo device, it will unlock automatically.

The Echo device will show a screen that lets you unlock the device by clicking on the Unlock button.

Once the device is unlocked, you should be able launch the Alexa App on your Echo.

To unlock the Echo devices, you need to enter the Echo’s PIN number and a code that matches your Echo Device’s PIN.


Echo Dot (Amazon Echo Dot) If you have an Echo Dot you can unlock using the Echo Device itself.

To access the Echo services, you must enter the Alexa PIN number on the Echo dot itself.

The PIN will appear at the top of the screen.

To find the PIN, tap the search icon on the left side of the dot.

The Search option will display your PIN.

Tap the Unlock to unlock.


Echo Echo Mini (Amazon Alexa Mini) If your Echo Mini is paired to an Echo Device, you will be able unlock using a simple PIN number combination.

To see the PIN and unlock code, tap on the Search icon on either side of your Echo dot.

Enter the PIN on the Dot.

The Unlock to Unlock option will appear.


Setting up Alexa-Enabled Devices and Services on Your Alexa-Controlled Devices and Devices Using the Alexa Devices, Amazon will provide you with voice and/or video services and applications.

To use voice and audio services and apps, your Echo will need an Alexa-connected device and an Amazon Alexa speaker.

The Alexa-controled devices you can use for voice and image services and/and video are as follows: Alexa Dot: Your Echo Dot can be paired with the Alexa Dot to access voice and images services.


Alexa Dot (Optional) Alexa Dot can also be paired to access audio services, including Spotify and Pandora, if your Echo has an Amazon-powered audio system.

The Dot will also be capable of setting up your Alexa’s music library, allowing you to listen to music in the background and playing videos and photos.

The microphone is on the bottom of the Dot, so the Dot can receive voice commands from the Echo.

The phone number on your Dot can allow you to send a text message.


Alexa Mini (Optional or Not Recommended) Your Echo Mini can also access Alexa-driven services and voice and music services.

You will need a compatible Alexa-controller, such as the Echo Plus, Echo Dot Plus, or Echo Dot.

Your Dot will not be able stream music and/ or videos from a music service that’s on your other Echo Devices.

If you are using a device that does not have an Alexa Controller, you might want to consider pairing it to an Alexa Dot or Echo Mini.

To do this, tap and hold the Dot or Mini on the right side of its display.

The search icon will appear, tap Search, and then tap Connect.


Alexa Voice Service (Optional for Echo Devices) Your Alexa device will receive voice services and access to Alexa-branded services and content from the Alexa Voice Services.

You must have an Amazon Access Pass or Alexa Connect Pass enabled to use the voice services.

Alexa can connect to the Echo-controlled device by providing a voice command.

The following voice commands can be used to access these voice services: Alexa Voice (hold the Dot’s microphone to speak): Say “Alexa, Alexa, say ‘Alexa'” or “Alexamatrump, Alexa” to access Alexa Voice.

Alexa Assistant (hold Dot’s mic to say “Alex”): Say Alexa’s name to access her voice services, like “Alexi, Alexa.”

Alexa Voice Assistant (Hold Dot’s headphone jack to say, “Alex, Alexa!”):