How to get your business off the ground in China

China is becoming increasingly a key global market for automotive businesses, but it is still far behind the United States in terms of investment in the sector, according to a new report.

In the latest edition of the Global Competitiveness Report from global research firm GCL, China was ranked second only to the United Kingdom in terms for the size of its automotive sector.

But despite the country’s rapid growth in the last decade, it still lags behind the U.S., where its automotive market is projected to be worth around $7.8 trillion by 2025, according a report from GCL.

The U.K. has seen a steady increase in its automotive industry over the past decade, from around 7 million vehicles in 2007 to nearly 22 million in 2015.

The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) projects that by 2025 China’s automotive sector will grow to over 36 million vehicles, a rise of over 150 percent from 2007.

In fact, the global automotive industry is forecast to grow by more than 40 percent in the next decade, which will see more than $7 trillion of global investment.

While the U, U.A., and other developed countries have been investing heavily in developing their economies in recent years, China has struggled to make any significant gains in the automotive sector, with only around 10 percent of the global auto industry being domestic-owned and with a population of just over 9.8 billion.

The new report by GCL found that China’s total auto market, excluding the domestic market, is estimated to be around $2.8-trillion and the government’s total investments in the auto industry are estimated at $1.2 trillion.

While this is still less than the $3 trillion invested in the U., A and B world economies, the country has set a new record in terms with the size and value of its overall auto industry.

That is a new high for the country, and it represents the first time since the 1980s that a major economy has not surpassed the $2 trillion mark in automotive investment.

In total, China’s overall automotive market will grow by around 40 percent over the next 10 years, the report said, and by $7 billion in the long-run, it will be valued at over $30 trillion.

The report also highlighted the importance of leveraging foreign investment into China’s economy in order to drive growth.

The country will need to leverage its vast financial resources to support its growth, it said, adding that the financial sector has grown significantly in the past five years, with $4.2-trillions of assets under management.

In addition to the government, Chinese investors are also increasingly seeking to invest in domestic automotive firms.

According to the report, China is home to around 50 percent of all private car ownership, with a growing number of foreign investors in the country.

While it is unclear what the full impact of China’s current economic slowdown will be on the global automobile market, the impact of a slowdown in China’s auto sector is expected to be a significant drag on global markets for the foreseeable future.