How to fix your car flipping problem

When a car is stolen and then left for a mechanic to fix, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole “car flipping business” business.

The thieves use the stolen car to flip the tires and jack up the wheels and send the vehicle into the air, with the owner of the car having to pick it up.

“It’s a little bit of a scam,” said Mike Grier.

Grier is an insurance agent who works out of his office in Ottawa, Ontario, a suburb north of Toronto.

Grier says he’s had cars stolen for years and is familiar with some of the scams that have hit Canada.

He says some of these cars were parked in a garage and someone got the keys and drove it off.

“I think that was the big difference,” said Grier, who says he thinks the theft happened in an alley.

He said many of the people he’s dealt with have been in a similar situation, which makes him skeptical of the “car-flipping business” claims.

Griers company, CarFlipping Insurance, helps clients pick up stolen cars and has helped many victims of car theft.

He’s seen a significant uptick in car thefts over the past few years, with more than $2 billion in vehicles stolen in Canada in 2017.

But Grier thinks there’s a problem with the number of car thefts in Canada, and he believes there is a lot more to the issue.

“A lot of the stolen cars are stolen in the city and they’re sold, and the owners, if they’ve been paid, are not happy with that, and it’s a big risk that they’re not going to take the risk,” he said.

The RCMP said there’s no evidence the scam is spreading.

But, in a recent statement to CBC News, a spokesperson said there is an increased number of stolen cars being reported to the agency and that the car-flicking industry is “largely unregulated.”