Business owner loses $1M in insurance settlement for insurance fraud

Business owner Lisa Krasner lost more than $1 million in insurance claims for a business she operated as a business selling insurance products, including car sales, in the U.S. last year, according to court documents filed Thursday in a lawsuit filed by the federal government.

The case was filed in U.N. court in New York City by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The agency is suing Krasners insurance company, LCC Insurance Services, and LCC Capital Management LLC, who are also named in the suit.

The suit, which was filed Tuesday, alleges that the company and LPC acted in bad faith when it allegedly did not pay claims for its products, even when the products were damaged.

LCC’s insurance claims totaled $1.1 million.

The lawsuit alleges that Krasers insurance company “unlawfully discriminated against” Krasors insurance claims, which included claims for her products and other products purchased from LCC.

The insurance company allegedly did so by paying LCC more for claims than the claim payment would otherwise have been, the suit alleges.

Kraser’s lawsuit claims that LCC failed to pay its claims for three years after Kraserns insurance company began billing her for the products.

The claim was paid to LCC, which “failed to timely respond to Plaintiff’s claims for the claim payments,” the lawsuit states.

The government is seeking an injunction to prevent LCC from collecting on the claims for at least six months, a portion of which is expected to be spent on Kraservs insurance claims.

The settlement, reached by LCC and LCCC Capital Management, also includes “penalties, fines, disgorgement of profits and other relief,” according to the complaint.

The NACI is a U.s. government agency.

The complaint seeks an injunction against LCC to prevent it from collecting the claims and other “damages and other remedies,” including the filing of a motion for summary judgment.

The Department of Justice is also investigating the allegations, according the complaint, and is working with LCC on a resolution.

The attorney for Krasett was not immediately available for comment.