What you need to know about business careers

Business careers for those looking to get their feet wet as an entrepreneur.

Start here with the key questions you need answered.

What is a business?

What is an entrepreneur?

What does a business do?

Who is in a business, and how do they make money?

Are there any differences between a business and an individual?

Are you an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur-in-training?

Are entrepreneurs self-employed?

What are the skills you need for the business?

Are people looking for a career?

Is there an ideal career path for you?

What should you do if you decide to get into business?

If you are already a business owner, what are the steps you need and how long do they take?

What about a career in a different industry?

Do you have to have a business license?

If so, what does that license do?

What if I get an employee license, but I don’t have a contract with the employer?

How do you work with employees to keep employees happy?

What kinds of things can go wrong when you are in the business, like a lack of communication?

How long do you need a business to survive?

Do business owners need to pay taxes?

If I do get a business from an employer, how do I get the tax refunds?

What do I need to do if I am selling a business in a state that doesn’t have an unemployment insurance program?

How much do you charge to get a license to sell a business or how much does it cost to get one?

What happens if I lose a business that I am licensed to sell?

What types of people do you want to attract to your business?

Do businesses have to pay payroll taxes?

How does a small business business make money when it isn’t profitable?

What’s the process for starting a new business?

Should I start a business just for the love of it?

How often do I look for a new job?

If someone else has a business you are considering, what should I do?

Do I need an entrepreneur license if I want to be a certified public accountant?

What kind of business do I want?

What will I be paying taxes on?

How to handle your business when you’re getting ready to open?

Can I hire a new employee?

Can you hire a person with a business background?

Can an entrepreneur work in another industry?

What advice can I give my co-workers?

What skills do you have that I don and should I look up?

How can I find out more about a business I’m considering?

What can I do to get better at answering these questions?

Do your co-founders and co-owners need a job?

What job should I give them?

Can a business be a nonprofit?

Are business owners required to be licensed to do business?

Does anyone in my family need a license?

How should I handle an emergency?

What to do when a co-founder or co-owner is hurt?

What type of job should you give a cofounder or owner?

What questions do you ask about the business you want?

Who should you look for in a prospective employee?

What sorts of skills do I have?

Is a business a nonprofit, a for-profit corporation, or a partnership?

Are all business owners employees or contractors?

What must I do when I decide to open a business business?

Will a business ever close?

Can people work at the business for free?

What would happen if I left a business after it was opened?

What options do I see for getting a job as a freelancer?

What you need as an employerWhat do you do when your employer doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t follow the law, or doesn’t provide benefits?

Can your employer terminate you for violating the law?

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