The ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ is officially a ‘tourist attraction’

The Hollywood Walk of FAME is officially being changed into a “tourism attraction” in the hopes of attracting more visitors.

The Hollywood Walk-of-FAME has been in Los Angeles since the 1950s and has been transformed into an entertainment destination for nearly 70 years.

The original Hollywood Walk was named for the legendary movie star who died in 1962 at the age of 52, and the new concept will feature an open-air theater with a movie-inspired design and seating options for the entire family.

“The Hollywood walk of fame is an iconic, multi-storied and enduring landmark that has been a destination for millions of visitors,” the Hollywood Walk Alliance said in a statement on Friday.

This new, interactive concept will allow the public to walk the historic walk with an open heart and feel the magic of a movie experience.

It will feature a cinema that will show movies that have not been shown in the Hollywood fold, a walking tour of the Walk of fame and a special “Disney Magic” experience to “capture the essence of the walk of honor and its history.”

The Hollywood Alliance says the new attraction will be open for three days from Oct. 14-18.

Fans can take a walk through the historic Hollywood Walk from the Hollywood Hotel and the Hollywood Palladium in Los Feliz.

Hollywood is expected to open its doors to the public for the first time in 2018, but the original Hollywood walk is still a popular stop for visitors and visitors can still see the iconic structure from the ground up.

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