How Apple will pay for its new healthcare services

Apple has announced plans to pay for a number of healthcare services, including its healthcare, in an effort to boost the value of its stock.

The company announced on Monday that it would spend $20 billion over the next five years on healthcare and technology, and would pay for those services through a range of different investments.

Apple’s healthcare fund, called the AppleCare Foundation, is aimed at helping pay for healthcare related services, like dental care and eyeglasses.

Apple will also spend $30 billion over 10 years on medical technology, such as artificial intelligence.

The new healthcare plan, which was announced by Apple chief financial officer Craig Federighi, comes as Apple looks to build out its healthcare network, and to increase the value and reach of its iPhone.

AppleInsider reported that AppleCare is expected to generate $1.6 trillion in revenues over the first five years.

The fund will also support the development of a range, including AI and robotics, in the healthcare field, Apple said in a statement.

The healthcare fund will fund AppleCare to the tune of $20.5 billion over five years, it added.

The new plans, which will likely be funded by Apple’s existing investments in healthcare, also are likely to bring a number new features to Apple.

AppleCare, which has been a cornerstone of Apple’s business strategy for a decade, is expected have several significant improvements, including the introduction of a new iPhone with healthcare support.